Science vs. Sales on TEEF's Technology

Science vs. Sales on TEEF's Technology

A microbiologist's take:

TEEF's Protektin™ formulations are built to do a few things at the same time. Every time your pet drinks TEEF water, the ingredients (dissolved in their water) sends signals to every microbe in your pet’s mouth, even down below the gumline. The signals it sends are the following:

  1. The soluble fiber blocks the sugar sensors on carbohydrate-loving microbes, so microbes cannot eat them. This is key, because many, many, many of the waste products that microbes churn out when they digest sugars is inflammatory and acidic, which leads to leaky gums and inflamed gums.
  2. The vitamin B6 + the amino acid L-arginine work in concert to stimulate the microbes [that are capable of eating protein] to switch to breaking down L-arginine and other amino acids instead of the sugars. This is critical, because many of the waste products that protein-eating microbes churn out are neutral or basic, which neutralizes the acids in the tissue, which decreases the inflammatory response and tightens up the gum tissue.

Our research has shown that the combination of these ingredients results in (i) healthier dental outcomes, (ii) increased healthy biomarkers made by your pet and (iii) lower levels of microbes that are linked to scary diseases (like Porphyromonas spp., and Candida spp.), and (iv) a higher amount of diversity of microbes associated with health.

A sales and marketing specialist's take (attempt):

When your pet drinks TEEF water, the ingredients work together to put bacteria on a Keto diet - switching them from eating carbs and sugars to eating protein, instead.

Like people, microbes are healthier and behave better when they eat better food. Beneficial bacteria have more hearty metabolisms so they process protein better than harmful bacteria do. As a result, they get a growth boost and out-compete the bad in the oral microbiome, which results in healthier gums (pink, not red), whiter teeth (bacteria start to mine the plaque on teeth for those sugars and carbohydrates, essentially acting like a microbial toothbrush), and fresher breath (microbes excrete less smelly and acidic by-products). Daily use is super important because each drink will keep existing and new bacteria on that Keto diet for dental health.

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