Smart, proactive water additive for whole mouth health!

Smart, proactive
dental care for whole mouth health!

100% Pure, vegan, pre & postbiotic ingredients that naturally improve the oral microbiome to promote dental health and fresh breath.

“After only 7 days of using this amazing water additive, I was able to flick off Maddie’s tartar with just my fingernail! I can’t wait to get more product to keep her teeth clean without having to put her under anesthesia.” - Katie C

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TEEF for Life - Protektin42™ Dental Kit: Powder water additive for dogs

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TEEF for Life - Protektin30™  Dental Kit: Powder water additive for cats

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TEEF for Life - Protektin42+K Dental Kit: Powder water additive for ALL pets + kidney care (Sodium-free for all pets, including extra sensitive ones with tummy and kidney issues).

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“TEEF’s Protektin™ formulations are a very simple way of being proactive in helping minimize the bacterial accumulation that can live on and below the gumline, improve quality of life for the animals, and maintain the integrity of the periodontal ligament in teeth.”

- Dr. Adam Christman
Chief Veterinary Officer, DVM360

Veterinarian and Pet Parent approved

The patented SMMRT® technology in TEEF combines the fundamentals of microbiology and molecular nutrition to promote dental health in a safer, revolutionary way. Our prebiotic, microbiome-friendly formulations use natural ingredients that promote the dental health and longevity of your pet.

Human Grade



Chemical free



SMMRT®, developed in 2012 by founder Emily Stein, Ph.D., is the patented, foundational science behind TEEF and the secret to its success.

This revolutionary approach to improving the oral microbiome combats the bacterial carbohydrate-driven processes that cause dental disease. We use natural nutrients to influence bacteria away from consuming sugars and carbohydrates out of the pet's diet and toward consuming protein - essentially putting them on a Keto diet. Bacterial by-products (postbiotics) from protein are MUCH healthier for your pet, having beneficial, anti-inflammatory properties, and are WAY less stinky. We don't believe in killing bacteria, we simply use molecular nutrition to create health-promoting behaviors in bacteria for excellent health outcomes. 

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Ryan S.

“After just 3 days of using TEEF in just one of the multiple bowls of water throughout the house, we immediately noticed a significant difference in his breath! We’re big fans and I’ve even ordered two bottles of the human version!”

Steph Anne

“I noticed an immediate difference in my pup's breath. Such a great product! ”

Happy Dog Mom

"WOW, finally, clean teeth after just a few weeks! Our rescue dog has several food allergies that are very disruptive to his gut (and so, to our life). TEEF is our dream come true without anaesthesia at the vet’s or gut disasters from toothpastes and “enzyme” sprays, etc that set his gut off."

Tracy J.

“My Retriever mix had 7 teeth pulled 2 years ago due to tooth decay and continues to have awful butt breath. Started TEEF! with our dogs just last week and we have noticed a significant change. Definitely a winner and waiting for my next batch to keep seeing such great progress with our four-legged family members. Neither of them let me brush their teeth so this product is awesome and easy. Highly recommend!”

Katie C.

“After only 7 days of using TEEF!, I was able to flick off Maddie’s tartar with just my fingernail! And when I woke up in the morning, the tartar on the other molar had come completely off, too. I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to get more product to keep her teeth clean without having to put her under anesthesia.”

Sue M.

“I tried TEEF! for 2 weeks and after day 6 there was a noticeable improvement in my dog’s breath. By day 12 her teeth were also whiter and her molars looked like some of the tartar had sloughed off. The small amount of powder in her water bowl is easy to remember and she had no problem drinking it. We will be making this part of our morning routine!”

Jody J.

“I have an 11 year old German Shepherd mix who had a TON of tartar build up and unbearable breath. After only 14 days of using TEEF! her teeth became much whiter, there’s less tartar and her unbearable breath is totally gone. This stuff rocks! I can’t wait for this product to hit the market. Thanks team TEEF!”

Diana C.

“I’m a huge fan of Teef! I’ve been using this for our dogs & BONUS, it changed Brady’s breath from NASTY to neutral! I’m thrilled to know how much additional “good stuff” is happening that I can’t see. Plus, Brady has a SUPER sensitive tummy and this didn’t bother him at all. Thanks Dr. Emily Stein!!! You are a rockstar scientist!”

With TEEF, Happy Pets = Happy Life

  • Whole mouth health, even below the gumline
  • 100% pure, human grade ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors, fillers, preservatives, or other weird ingredients
  • Super-charges the oral microbiome by supporting beneficial bacteria
  • Starves-out destructive bacteria and stops them from making smelly by-products
  • Promotes strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath
  • Does not interfere with any medications or other supplements

80% of pets
have gum disease by age three
and can cause pets
to lose up to 1/3 of their lifespan.

Here's how TEEF can help improve your pets' lives!

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