After just 3 days of using TEEF.. we immediately noticed a significant difference in his breath! We’re big fans and I’ve even ordered two bottles of the human version! - Ryan S.

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Protektin42™ - Drinkable Dental Health

Protektin42™ - Drinkable Dental Health

We donate 5% of profits to organizations helping animals in need.

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1 Unit Includes

-> 1 jar with 30 or 210 servings of Protektin42™ powder.

-> Desiccant in jar for moisture control (do not remove)

-> Serving scoop (.15cc or 1/16 tsp)

-> Product information & instruction pamphlet

-> Peace of mind

About Protektin42™

TEEF's Protektin42™ is a prebiotic powder water additive that that improves the oral microbiome for fresh breath and whole mouth health. Our patented technology combines the fundamentals of microbiology and molecular nutrition to improve the oral microbiome in a safer, revolutionary way.

We use 100% nontoxic ingredients. All human grade, tasteless & odourless and incredibly easy to use;

-> Soluble fiber (postbiotic)

-> Amino acid (prebiotic)

-> Vitamin (prebiotic)

-> Sodium bicarbonate

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With TEEF,
Happy Pets, Happy Life!

  • Clinically-proven and vet recommended
  • Whole mouth health, even below the gumline
  • 100% nontoxic, human grade ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA
  • Gut friendly
  • No artificial flavors, colors, fillers, preservatives, or other weird ingredients
  • Tasteless & odorless
  • Manufactured in an FDA certified facility
  • Strengthens protective bacteria
  • Weakens harmful bacteria and stops them from making destructive, smelly by-products
  • Promotes strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath
  • Does not interfere with any medications or other supplements
  • Free domestic shipping in the US
  • Made in the USA

Veterinarian and Pet Parent approved

The patented SMMRT® technology in TEEF combines the fundamentals of microbiology and molecular nutrition to promote dental health in a safer, revolutionary way. Our microbiome-friendly technology uses truly safe and effective ingredients that promote dental health.

Human Grade



Chemical free


Dr. Adam Christman
Chief Veterinary Officer,

“TEEF’s Protektin42 is a very simple way of being proactive in helping minimize the bacteria accumulation that can live on and below the gumline, improve quality of life for the animals, and maintain the integrity of the periodontal ligament in teeth.”